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Electronic Hookah Liquid Tank

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The Smoke Free™ Electronic Hookah is revolutionizing the way Hookah smokers enjoy the experience of sharing the events of the day or argue over the latest political fiasco. 

The Smoke Free™ Electronic Hookah integrates the electronic elements with your conventional hookah as it sits where the bowl would normally be placed in your traditional hookah. 

Smoke Free Electronic Hookah Kit Includes:

·         1 Smoke Free rechargeable eHookah base

·         2 Flavor Tanks

·         1 USB cable charger

·         1 AC  USB wall adapter

How It Works:

The eHookah comes in two separate parts.  The bottom part consists of electronic components including an oversized battery and 4 atomizing devices. 

The top part (flavor tank) contains the flavored eLiquid mix and fitted with a one way dispenser to release an exact amount of the eLiquid into the atomization chamber, so you and your friends can enjoy the perfect flavor of the Smoke Free™ eHookah.

Why switch to an eHookah

You no longer need coal or shisha (tobacco) and this means no more burnt coal and tobacco smells filling up the room.

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